What We’re Doing

Our pursuit is abundant clean energy for all.

Our initiatives span the spectrum of the clean energy supply chain collectively creating a network of clean energy production, transportation, delivery and storage infrastructure that realizes the promise of a decarbonized future.

This means our network is built with the future in mind – providing the space required to support today’s need and the capacity for growth to achieve tomorrow’s demand.

Our Motivation

Hydrogen enables significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions by providing a clear alternative to burning fossil fuels for power generation or in the industrial transportation sector, among others.

When burned for power or fuel, hydrogen produces only water vapor which can result in local and regional air quality improvements by reducing pollution, such as particulate matter.

Used as a proven way to store renewable energy over long durations, hydrogen can rapidly accelerate global investments in – and deployment of – renewable resources.

How it works

Start with an energy source (such as renewable energy, decarbonized natural gas, hydropower, or even nuclear power)

Use it to make clean hydrogen

Pick it up and drop it off where its needed (via a safe, purpose-built, underground pipeline system)

Use it in place of fossil fuels (for power generation, transportation, and more.)

About Us

Our mission is to create an oasis of innovation in our own backyard, where empowered communities lead the way in building a clean energy future.

At GreenView, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and draw on our deep experience of building, operating, and maintaining large-scale infrastructure.

We are unwavering in our commitment to develop the world’s most advanced infrastructure – equipped with state-of-the-art safety and monitoring systems – and maintained and operated by a world-class team.

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You can reach us at ask@greenviewenergy.com